Jiangxi Youxuan Era Packaging Co., Ltd

Release date:2024-03-20

Jiangxi Youxuan Era Packaging Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of paper, iron, bamboo, wood packaging products, corrugated cardboard boxes, cushioning packaging and plastic products, flexible packaging, cans, lids, and other metal products; Paper printing and other printing services; Packaging product research and development, design, testing, and solutions, services, in daily production and manufacturing processes, water-based varnish wastewater will be generated. Traditional treatment methods are difficult to effectively treat these wastewater. Yujia Environmental Protection's waste liquid solidification treatment equipment adopts advanced low-temperature distillation technology to distill and concentrate water-based varnish wastewater. After treatment, only 3% -6% of the solidified substance is left, achieving zero discharge of wastewater.

Project Introduction

Partner: Jiangxi Youxuan Era Packaging Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: water-based varnish wastewater

Usage model: Vermilion Bird D2000


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