Dongguan Dejia Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd

Release date:2024-03-20


Dejia Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd. is engaged in metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing; Manufacturing of hardware products; Mechanical parts and component processing; Manufacturing of metal materials; During the manufacturing process of molds, about 10 tons of chemical nickel wastewater are generated every day. Yujia Environmental Protection engineers conduct on-site inspections to deeply understand the water quality of the wastewater. The proposed solution is to use Yujia Environmental Protection Xuanwu A10T low-temperature evaporation equipment to treat the wastewater. This treatment plan has been approved by the management of Dejia Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd., and it has been decided to adopt the solution provided by Yujia Environmental Protection.

Project Introduction

Partner: Dejia Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: Chemical nickel wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A10T

Daily processing capacity: 10 tons


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