Qinglong series
Low temperature phosphoric acid recovery system

The acid recovery equipment in the anodic oxidation electroplating industry consumes about 10% of the acid solution for product disposal. A large amount of acid solution is carried out through the product, and the acid tank enters the washing tank. Due to the high viscosity of the acid solution, the acid solution carried out can reach up to 90%, resulting in huge waste of phosphoric acid.

By collecting the acid water from the first water washing tank behind the chemical polishing tank, and undergoing systematic purification and purification treatment, the specific gravity is increased to above 1.7, which can be reused, reducing production costs and sewage treatment costs.

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Technical Parameter
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modelQinglong -B600Qinglong -B1000Qinglong -B2000Qinglong -B4000Qinglong -B6000
Acid treatment capacity (tons/day)0.6T1T2T4T6T

Lower limit of waste acid density

Upper limit of finished acid density1.7g/ml
Rated power (kW)1115203046
Standard refrigerantHigh temperature mixed refrigerant
Cooling methodwater-cooling
Evaporation temperature (℃)35°c-75°c
control systemPLC programmable controller+touch screen human-machine interface
External dimensions1700*1200*22002350*1650*19202600*1650*20203200*2000*22003400*2000*2250
structural styleComplete installation
Equipment weight1.3T1.6T1.8T2T3T


Reduced costs of acid, phosphorus removal agents, caustic soda, lime, and labor, and reduced sludge production.


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