Shandong Haifu Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Release date:2024-03-20



Haifu Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing of optical glass; Optical glass sales; Research and development of electronic specialized materials; Manufacturing of electronic specialized materials; In the manufacturing process of electronic components, 500L of glass cutting fluid wastewater is generated every day. The solution proposed by Yujia Environmental Protection engineers is to use Yujia Environmental Protection Xuanwu A500 low-temperature evaporation equipment to treat the wastewater. This device treats wastewater through the energy of a heat pump. This processing method has a short process, low energy consumption, no consumables, is easy to install, and does not produce secondary pollution during the processing.

Project Introduction

Partner: Haifu Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Wastewater type: glass cutting fluid wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A500

Daily processing capacity: 500L


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