Anwei Yingke Medical (listed company)

Release date:2024-03-20


Anhui Yingke Medical's business covers a series of products such as medical consumables, health equipment, and physical therapy nursing. In daily production, around 300L of medical wastewater is generated, which contains harmful substances such as acids, alkalis, suspended solids, biochemistry, animal and vegetable oils, disinfectants, organic solvents, and heavy metals. Traditional treatment methods are difficult to effectively remove. The low-temperature evaporation equipment produced by Yujia Environmental Protection uses the energy of a heat pump to treat wastewater under a set vacuum state, and the treated wastewater can be reused. This treatment method has a significant effect on treating medical wastewater, which is recognized by the management of Anhui Yingke Medical Company. Finally, a cooperation consensus was reached with Yujia Environmental Protection.

Project Introduction

Partner: Anhui Yingke Medical (listed company)

Wastewater type: Medical wastewater

Usage model: Xuanwu A300

Daily processing capacity: 300L


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