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Shenzhen Yujia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a CCTV cooperative brand, specializes in the production and sales of industrial wastewater treatment equipment with leading high-tech in the industry. Dedicated to providing overall green environmental protection solutions for industrial enterprises, and contributing to the cause of green environmental protection. The company adheres to the business philosophy of customer first, integrity-based pursuit of excellence, mutual benefit and win-win.

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Corporate culture
Corporate Vision
Creating the most satisfactory environmental protection equipment for customers - Yujia
Corporate purpose
Create the highest quality products and provide the most honest services
Development goals
"Create a first-class industry and become the first in the country."
Corporate spirit
"Unity, hard work, benevolent dedication; pioneering and innovative, daring to be the first in the world."
Core values and concepts of the enterprise
Satisfy customers, reassure shareholders, and make employees happy
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Application Area
New energy industry
Complex composition: The wastewater from the production of new energy batteries contains various chemical substances, including inorganic salts, organic compounds, heavy metal ions, etc. Among them, inorganic salts mainly include sulfates, nitrates, etc; Organic compounds mainly include alcohols, esters, ketones, etc; Heavy metal ions mainly include nickel, cobalt, manganese, etc. High temperature: Due to the need for a high-temperature environment during the production process, the wastewater temperature is generally between 50-80 ℃. Dark color: Due to the presence of various organic compounds and heavy metal ions, the wastewater from the production of new energy batteries presents a darker color, generally dark yellow or dark brown. High oil content: Production equipment may leak lubricating oil during operation, resulting in a high oil content in wastewater.
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Machining industry
Machine processing wastewater mainly comes from mechanical processing processes such as metal cutting, grinding, drilling, and milling. These wastewater typically contain multiple components, including the following categories: oils and coolants, metal particles, surfactants, drawing fluids, and die-casting wastewater
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Printing industry
In printing and packaging enterprises, paper, ink, plates, films, wetting liquids, adhesives, gloss oil, and car wash water are important raw and auxiliary materials in the printing process, which are important factors for the smooth progress of printing and also important sources of pollutants in the printing process. The types of wastewater include: plate printing wastewater, developer waste liquid, water-based varnish wastewater, water-based ink wastewater, etc.
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Electroplating industry
The composition of electroplating wastewater is very complex. In addition to cyanide containing (CN -) wastewater and acid-base wastewater, heavy metal wastewater is a potentially hazardous category of wastewater in the electroplating industry. According to the classification of heavy metal elements contained in heavy metal wastewater, it can generally be divided into wastewater containing chromium (Cr), wastewater containing (Ni), wastewater containing (Cd), wastewater containing (Cu), wastewater containing zinc (Zn), wastewater containing gold (Au), wastewater containing silver (Ag), etc.
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Semiconductor industry
1. There are various types and high concentrations of pollutants: Chemical substances used in semiconductor manufacturing process are numerous, including various acids, bases, organic solvents, heavy metals, etc. These substances are often high in content in wastewater. 2. High toxicity: Heavy metals and organic solvents in semiconductor wastewater have significant toxicity to human health and the environment. 3. Volatility of concentration: Due to fluctuations in the production process, the concentration of pollutants in semiconductor wastewater often fluctuates significantly. 4. High recycling value: Many substances in semiconductor wastewater have high recycling value, such as heavy metals and organic solvents.
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Fine chemical industry
1. There are many by-products and complex water quality components. 2. The content of pollutants in wastewater is high, such as ammonia nitrogen, high salt, etc
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